Makes you feel good
No Acquired Taste Required

Dr. Kefir’s is an unbelievably delicious beverage bubbling with billions of active probiotic cultures, rich with antioxidants and essential organic acids. And you can enjoy it all in a curious collection of tasty flavors!


like a tangerine. only 10 billion times better.

Dr. Kefir’s nondairy, naturally fermented Tangerine isn’t just bubbling with 10 billion active probiotic cultures — it actually tastes good. Sweet. Tart. Refreshing. You know, like a tangerine is supposed to taste.


tea time is alive & well.

Dr. Kefir’s Rooibos (pronounced Roy-Boss) has more than just a slightly sweet, vanilla taste. It’s alive with billions of active probiotics. This caffeine-free herbal tea grows in South Africa, where it’s known for its calming effects — and being delicious.

Lemon Gingerade

citrus, spice & everything nice.

Dr. Kefir’s Lemon Gingerade is a tasty feat of flavor and goodness. Citrus and spice come together with billions of active probiotic cultures, healthy organic acids and beneficial antioxidants. The taste is positively naturally delicious.

Verve Coffee

Guaranteed to wake every last tate bud.

Dr. Kefir’s and Verve Coffee Roasters have dreamt up a drink that tastes like nothing else. Sparkling, tangy, refreshing, strangely delicious. Fermentation has worked its magic to transform coffee into an oddly refreshing beverage.

Elderberry Passion

a curious blend of sweet, tart & bubbly.

Dr. Kefir’s Elderberry Passion is bubbling with billions of active probiotic cultures that make you feel good. And with a tasty blend of elderberry, raspberry and a kick of passion fruit, it’s undoubtedly delicious.

  • What is Fermentation?

  • Fermentation is a natural, metabolic process that is older than fire. A starter culture, usually yeast and/or bacteria, transforms the chemical makeup of raw materials, like sugars or starches, increasing the healthy bacteria and providing organic acids along the way.

  • How do Dr. Kefir’s sparkling probiotic beverages make you feel good?

  • Fermented beverages and foods have been shown to have antioxidant and antimicrobial properties, improve digestion, help control serum cholesterol levels and stimulate probiotic functions in the body. Plus, the yeast is refreshingly delicious – no acquired taste required.

  • Is Dr. Kefir’s a Kombucha?

  • There are some similarities. Both are fermented beverages using a SCOBY, but Dr. Kefir’s is not Kombucha. The Kombucha SCOBY looks something like a light, portabello mushroom, while our cultures look like rounded, translucent crystals. Our cultures produce five times the amount of probiotic bacteria and a different ratio of organic acids. That is why Dr. Kefir’s doesn’t taste vinegary.

  • Is Dr. Kefir’s Nondairy?

  • Yes, Dr. Kefir’s Sparkling Probiotic Beverages are all nondairy. Fermentation requires a fermenting culture and a sugar to feed the culture. The kefir most people are familiar with uses a culture that consumes lactose, a sugar found in milk and other dairy products. Dr. Kefir's uses a specially grown culture that can consume nondairy sugars, such as the fair trade, organic cane sugar we use in our products.

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